Of course! You need to ask the owners of the convention center to EASE LEASE, PLEASE. After hearing your impassioned plea, they have agreed to reduce the rent - by 5 percent. Unfortunately, the pirates still cannot pay for the convention, and thus PirateCon has come to a quick end.

As you sit on the curb outside the convention center with the pirates, the Pittsburgh Pirate dejectedly looks at the Sea Pirate. "I suppose you'll be saying something like 'The real treasure was the puzzles we solved along the way.'"

"Yarr," says the Sea Pirate, "it's not like we have much else in the way of booty. All the ships we were going to rob are stuck in the Suez Canal!"

"Oh please," says the Internet Pirate, "at least you didn't put all the money you earned from mining Bitcoin into buying GameStop stocks at its height."

"Let's belay this negative talk!" says the Sea Pirate. "We got to have a convention for a day and solve a bunch o' fun puzzles. There be no point moping now that it's over."

"You're right. It beat signing baseball cards for twelve hours," says the Pittsburgh Pirate. "I guess I'll see yinz next year? Maybe I'll make enough money to pay for next year's PirateCon once the stadium is full again."

"The Pittsburgh Pirates stadium? Full? Har har, funny!" says the Sea Pirate. "But once the ships come back from the Suez Canal, I finally be getting some booty."

"Alright, let us meet again for PirateCon '22!" shouts the Internet Pirate, looking at you. "And it is all thanks to you that we had such a great time this year!"

Congratulations! Thank you for joining us for Pirate Hunt.

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