"Calling in PIPE DREAM TEAM!". You stare defiantly at the Puzzlehunt CMU staff member in a funny costume, waiting for a response.


The staff member looks at you with pity.

"I've been repeating this for hours: this is not a puzzlehunt! It's just a modern art exhibit. I don't know what "a copy to clipboard function" is but these installations are not yours to take. And I can't give you "hints on extraction" because you'll damage the artwork. Also, what is flavortext? You are explicitly not allowed to lick the art pieces."

"I guess that's who we are... This was a long shot. But, I distinctly remember solving metapuzzles! So, was this or was this not a puzzlehunt?", your indecisive teammate ponders.

"I told you: everything is a puzzlehunt", your philosophical teammate repeats.

In the distance, your grid-enthusiastic teammate argues with the staff member.

"This puzzle isn't unique!"

"This is an original Van Gogh! Are you accusing us of forgery?"

PS: If you were here in person, I hope your hungry teammate got some pizza.

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