Story Update
"We want an arbitrary shark stuffed animal." Your teammates eye the main department store entrance.

"Fine... let's take a look."

Right as you open the door, a small robot whirrs in. It's covered in soap, and its eyes are wide open. It whirrs a little then starts talking.

"[beep] Visitors, I suggest you turn back now. This department store is possessed. It has a mind of its own and it's using it to... write puzzles! [beep]"

You snicker. What a coincidence. Your teammates aren't surprised: this kind of scenario comes up every semester. Nevertheless, you kindly list out your credentials and offer to help the distraught robot.

"[beep] Thank you for volunteering. Follow me, we can build a defense against the department store together. Oh, and let me introduce myself. I'm Independently Klean Everything Apparatus #25, or Karkar for short. [beep]"

The department store's gigantic space engulfs you as you progress.