Grocery List
Answer: CARPAL
Alyssa Lee
The answer to each clue is a word that is one letter away from a food word. The number in parentheses after each clue is the number of letters in the word. Change each word to a food word and take the new letters in the order given by the clues. This gives a phrase telling you the answer.
Original Clue Clued Word Food Word New Letter
Procreate (5) BREED BREAD A
Objects strung on a necklace (5) BEADS BEANS N
Concluding musical passage (4) CODA SODA S
Bewilder (6) BAFFLE WAFFLE W
Catch illegally (5) POACH PEACH E
Scottish highland language (6) GAELIC GARLIC R
Military team (5) SQUAD SQUID I
Government overthrow (4) COUP SOUP S
Backbones (6) SPINES SPICES C
Gauzy bridal accessory (4) VEIL VEAL A
Six-sided rolled objects (4) DICE RICE R
Sufficient (5) AMPLE APPLE P
Baby's bed (4) CRIB CRAB A
Fundamental (5) BASIC BASIL L