Dividing the Land
Olga Vinogradova

This logic-y puzzle (vaguely inspired by tetris) uses the 6 feeder answers from the third round and the first word of both of the previous meta answers.

After filling in the grid we might first spot that many of the same letters, or "resources", are in close proximity to each other. That, along with the flavor text, tells us we need to place the "land sections" such that there are no duplicate letters in any section.

The land pieces are given in order of extraction. There are different paths to find the optimal placement depending on what words are missing. A possible strategy is to place the largest pieces first, assuming they are the most constrained. To help constrain placement further, the given order is roughly left to right as pieces go in the grid. This order also roughly reflects how constrained their positions are. The first piece (red) has 2 possible locations, second piece (orange) has only 1, third (yellow) and fourth (green) pieces each have 3, the rest have 4+. The colors were added for ease of distinguishing pieces visually.

The final placement of land sections is shown here.

Reading off the circled letters from left to right (or in given order of land sections) gives the final answer. For reference, I also include a map of unique positions of each piece in a completed grid.