Tea at 9
Xiaoyi Yang, Samuel Yeom

The flavortext says that the text needs to be read in a different direction. If you read the text upside down, the letters resemble numbers 2-9.


(S) bgg EZE EgZh gEEhB Z LB hBhb

(S) ghZLB Lg ESgh Z ELgZ

ggZ BgE LELgb EELhB BZhb

The title and the flavortext strongly hint at T9 predictive text, where each number stands for exactly one of the corresponding letters on a telephone keypad. Since there are multiple letters on each button of the keypad, there is some ambiguity in this mapping, and the exact letters and words must be figured out from context.

Numbers Translation
9428 84733 96737 398 266 What three words dot com
2673 2 4653 67 87246 (5) Bore a hole or train (5)
9484 87 2 84336 4263 323 669 (5) With "Us", a video game fad now (5)
5453 273269 2253 67 2 236 (4) Like creamy cake or a CEO (4)

The first row tells us to go to what3words.com, which is a website that assigns a unique combination of three words to every location in the world. The remaining three rows are crossword-style clues that solve to DRILL, AMONG, and RICH. These three words point to the fountain at Point State Park, which is located in Pittsburgh as indicated in the flavortext.