Not a Runaround
Samuel Yeom

This Pittsburgh-round puzzle has clues that solve to the names of the neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. The number(s) after the slash is intended to help the solver by indicating the number of letters in the name, and the number before the slash is an index that tells the solver which letter to extract.

ClueNeighborhoodIndexExtracted Letter
Plant grown at one's residenceHomewood3M
High-elevation area full of acorn collectorsSquirrel Hill5R
Plaza for interim governorsRegent Square1R
Mound composed of varnishPolish Hill2O
Lasagna-loving cartoon catGarfield1G
Valley whose color is light brown-ishGlen Hazel3E
State of being more than acquaintancesFriendship2R
Cooler half of a street, maybeShadyside6S
Town honoring The Hunger Games actress JenniferLawrenceville3W
Public green area in the Scottish mountainsHighland Park4H
Athletics cityOakland*2A
Freedom in AsiaEast Liberty4T

*The Oakland Athletics is a baseball team that plays in the city of Oakland, California.

The extracted letters give the cluephrase MR ROGERS WHAT. This is a reference to Mister Rogers, a famous TV host from Pittsburgh known for the children's series Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. The cluephrase indicates that the last word of this title is the final answer.