NOTIFICATION: It's Time For Your Daily Puzzle Hunt Lesson!
Liam Thomas

This is a puzzle where various sequences of dots and dashes are clued in various ways.

Agency responsible for commutesThe Department of Transportation is often shortened to DOT.E
A rock falling off of the east side of a cliffA cliff looks like a dash, and a rock looks like a dot.-•N
The letter N, twice, in the way appropriate to this puzzleA morse N is -•, so that twice is -•-•.-•-•C
\equivThis is the LaTeX command for the triple bar or ≡ symbol, which is 3 dashes.---O
A secret message - perhaps hidden in this clue..There is a dash followed by 2 periods in the clue.-••D
IOT SpecificationDotdot is an IOT network protocol.••I
Northeast of P, Southeast of LThe dash is above and right of P on a keyboard. Period is below and right of L.-•N
We will rock youThe stomp-stomp-clap beat of the song "We Will Rock You" is two long sounds followed by a short sound.--•G
To be continuedThis is a phrase often followed by an ellipsis, or three dots.•••S
DitrocheeA Ditrochee is a metric foot with a stressed-unstressed-stressed-unstressed pattern.-•-•C
piripiri headsIf you look at the heads of the letters, there are 4 dots that rise above the halfway line.••••H
The bullet point left of the arrow is a dot.E
What Madeline can do after making peace with BadelineIn the video game Celeste, the protagonist Madeline gains the ability to dash twice after making peace with "Badeline".--M
Braille aA Braille "A" consists of a single dot.E
U+26AB U+26AB U+2796This is the unicode symbols for a dot, dot and dash respectively.••-U
Burst fireFirearms with a burst-fire mode are most notable for firing a three-round burst.•••S
e.g. a poison effect in a video gamePoison and other "Damage over time" effects are often shortened to DOT.E
Two oranges rolled off the right side of a tableTables look like dashes and oranges look like dots.-••D
Opposite of 3 on a d64 is opposite 3 on a standard six-sided dice, and has 4 pips.••••H
Yakko and Wakko's sisterIn Animaniacs, the little sister of Yakko and Wakko is Dot.E
H2A hydrogen molecule is often drawn as two dots separated by a line which indicates a covalent bond.•-•R
Ender to be fond of without eating headThis is a cryptic. "Ender" is the definition, "to be fond of" clues "dote", and "without eating head" clues to remove the first letter of "eating".E

Reading the sequence of dots and dashes as morse code gives the clue phrase ENCODING SCHEME USED HERE, which is MORSE CODE.