Join the Revolution for Change
Eric Wei

The word "revolution" in the title, combined with the suspiciously misspelt word "a-spyring" and the number 763, clue that the numbers below are words encoded with the Culper Code Book, a code used by the Culper Spy Ring in the American Revolutionary War that mapped 763 numbers to various words for communication purposes.

So, we can translate these numbers into (nongrammatical) sentences. The double underlined letters in the last sentence represent a number.

These clues refer to concepts like "superior form", "much much effect", and so on. Combined with the flavortext ("get all 763 of the inhumans" sounds reminiscent of "gotta catch 'em all"), one can make the leap that this is a puzzle about Pokemon. Except, almost every relevant word has been replaced with a related word that exists in the Culper Code Book. As such, we need to determine what each Culper Code Book word corresponds to in order to determine which Pokemon is being referred to in each clue.

One place to start is Pokemon types. The term "quallity" seems to refer to the various Pokemon types, and each clued quallity can be corresponded with a type, usually synonymously.

Quallity Type Explanation
soldier Fighting Soldiers are fighters.
mistake Bug In programming, a bug is a mistake.
hazardous Poison Poison is generally considered a hazard.
Plymouth Rock Plymouth Rock is a famous landmark.
general Normal General and Normal are synonyms.
gun Fire "Gunfire" is a common phrase.
prepare Steel To steel yourself is to prepare yourself.
reader Psychic A psychic could be a mind reader.
Some more observations include determining some common terms, such as months of the year which correspond to Pokemon generations (e.g. January = Gen 1), and "superior form" which refers to an evolution.
Afterwards, by fixing the grammar and guessing on some of the more cryptic terms, it's possible to determine a logical sentence for each clue. Each clue solves to exactly one Pokemon, which has a National Pokedex number between 1 and 763. We can then correspond each number to its Culper Code Book word.
Clue Pokemon Number Code Book Word
A Fighting type move has 4x effectiveness against this Pokemon whose name relates to clergy Bisharp 625 the
This is the highest evolution Bug and Poison type Pokemon from Gen 5 Scolipede 545 real
The gentleman who gives you the Mine Badge upon winning has this part Rock type Gen 4 Pokemon Bastiodon 411 name
This Normal type Gen 4 Pokemon and its evolution are absent in Pokemon Diamond version Glameow 431 of
This is the only Pokemon that can learn Steam Eruption Volcanion 721 Bolton John
This Fire type Pokemon is the evolution of a Pokemon that the Gen 1 Professor may give you Charmeleon 5 and
This Pokemon has the name Rock Head Pokemon Bagon 371 man
Out of the Gen 6 Pokemon that have ability Mega Launcher, this is not the evolution Clauncher 692 who
This Steel and Psychic type Pokemon is an evolved evolved form but has a Mega Evolution Metagross 376 make
This part Normal type Pokemon evolves into its evolution at level 54 Rufflet 627 this

"John Bolton" was an alias used by BENJAMIN TALLMADGE, the creator of the Culper Code Book, and the answer to this puzzle.

Author's Notes

I had the idea to use the Culper Code and mix it with Pokemon, but couldn't figure out how to clue them together. When talking with Liam, he brought up the idea of Navajo Code from World War II, in which military terms were replaced with innuendo or other terms that did exist in the native language.
I wanted to include a larger variety of aspects of Pokemon in the puzzle to make it more interesting to decode, but that might also have caused the puzzle to be harder to solve for people who aren't as familiar with all of the various components. I hope it was still fun to solve!