Answer: TRAVIS
Kevin Zhou (Kaz), Farid Khuri-Makdisi, Eric Wei, Brian Zhang

For each person, the fun fact clues a word or phrase which is a 1 letter change from the person's major. We extract each changed letter to spell out the answer.

Fun factMajorFun fact answerChanged letter
I'm not sexually attracted to anyone.eceaceA
I use Duo to authenticate myself.logicloginN
I like pureed potatoes.mathmashS
I like to hit at flies.statsswatsW
I study romantic sciencedate scienceE
I easily give up.designresignR
I have a symbol on my desktop.econiconI
I like parts of a circle.archarcsS
I'm learning about World War I military tactics.french studiestrench studiesT
I study insanity.decision sciencederision scienceR
I am patient in fun ways.creative writingcreative waitingA
I like books and bald birds.literature and cultureliterature and vultureV
I like the ringing sound made by a bell.chemechimeI
I like the site used for registering classes.biosioS