Campus Tour
Brian Zhang, Farid Khuri-Makdisi, Laura Yao, Eric Wei, Kevin Zhou (Kaz)

This is a metapuzzle, so we will use the answers to the previous puzzles. Each answer can make a two-word phrase, in which the other word is a building on campus. Upon visiting that building on campus, solvers encountered posters, which each contained a minipuzzle.

Make Your Own Music

The phrase here is DOHERTY AMPLIFIER, a type of amplifier.
There are four pictures. In order, they are: LONG ISLAND, SHORTS, SHORTCUT, and SHORT (person).
Because the original puzzle involved Morse Code, we need to use it again. The Morse code -... is a B.


The phrase here is TRAVIS SCOTT, a rapper.
This is just another clue similar to the ones from the original puzzle. The answer is CAMP SCI, which yields an A in a similar mechanic to the original puzzle.

Letter Loops

The phrase here is PEARLY GATES.
The grid asks about the white pearls in the loop. If you look at where the white cells in the provided grid are, they clearly form a K.

Building Bridges

The phrase here is TREASURE HUNT.
Here, we need to draw the Ghost Leg formable from this grid. Considering only which bridges are taken, it forms a lowercase E.

Family Calamity

The phrase here is WARNER BROTHERS.
We are given another set of chairs like the original puzzle. The phrase (using the answer to the puzzle) is BROTHERS KARAZAMOV, which extracts an R.

This spells BAKER. If a solver went to Baker Hall, they would be provided with the answer: TELEPORTER HALL.