Answer: 𓉒
Liam Thomas

This is a puzzle about egyptian hieroglyphs. Each emoji section depicts a hieroglyph, and identifying the hieroglyph and its Gardiner code gives us a series of letters and corresponding numbers.

hieroglyphGardiner CodeCharacter
cow suckling calfE5𓃖
head of spoonbillH3𓆁
crescent moonN11𓇹
combination of enclosure, flat loaf and basket O9𓉠
combination of enclosure and falcon O10𓉡
loaf on matR4𓊵
mace with flat headT1𓌇
mace with round headT2𓌈

These numbers run from 1 through 12, so we This gives the cluephrase "T THREE IN O ONE". These correspond to the hieroglyphs 𓌉 and 𓉐, and placing one inside the other produces the hieroglyph 𓉒, the final answer.

Author's Notes

This puzzle was inspired by those awful thinkpieces a few years back about how emoji were "regressing" language back to hieroglyphics, which managed to be insulting to both emojis and hieroglyphs at the same time. Well, this puzzle proved that they are, in fact, not the same set of characters, as seen by the tortured constructions of "mace with round head".