(Il)legal Answers
Answer: ½
Liam Thomas, Farid Khuri-Makdisi

This is a puzzle about US federal law. Each of the 7 feeder unicode characters clues one of the first 26 titles of the United States Legal Code. Transforming those numbers into letters with A1Z26 and ordering by the titles of their puzzles gives a cluephrase for our final answer.

PuzzleAnswerCharacter NameFederal TitleLetterRationale
A Cute PuzzleLEFTWARDS ARROW OVER RIGHTWARDS ARROWTitle 15- Commerce and TradeOOpposite point arrows often indicate trade.
BottleneckedINTERLINEAR ANNOTATION ANCHORTitle 14- Coast GuardNThis is an Interlinear Annotation Anchor, and the Coast Guard symbology often includes anchors.
CMU HUNT ARMYHANGUL SYMBOL JOBSTitle 5- Government Organization and EmployeesEThis is the Hangul symbol for the syllable "Jobs", which in English, corresponds to employment.
Disco!🛸FLYING SAUCERTitle 8- Aliens and NationalityHFlying Saucers are a symbol for extraterrestrial aliens.
Elephants🩠XIANGQI RED GENERALTitle 1- General ProvisionsAThis character depicts a Xiangqi General piece.
Fantastically FinalJAPANESE BANK SYMBOLTitle 12- Banks and BankingLThis is the Japanese map symbol for a bank.
Glyphs𓉒EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPH O002Title 6- Domestic SecurityFThis hieroglyph depicts a weapon inside a house, or domestic security,