Yellow Cards
Robert Trosten

Our goal is to find out why this kid doesn't like his baseball cards. Each clue corresponds to a unique player's last name on the clued MLB team:

This ray's got too small a stride for baseball – he should take one small step and one giant leap instead. - Shawn Armstrong

This guardian looks too strong for baseball – he'd be much better equipped for grinding grain. - Owen Miller

This yankee's good at baseball, but he should probably touch the color of grass instead. - Chad Green

This twin's got great aim, but he'd be much better with a bow and arrow in hand instead of a baseball. - Chris Archer

This brewer looks pretty nimble, but he's just too tiny to play baseball. - Ethan Small

This red's fast with his fingers – he should play guitar instead of throwing a baseball around. - Ryan Hendrix

This dodger should quit baseball and go into acting; he'd be much better at deep-voiced dramatic narration. - Freddie Freeman

This blue jay has too good a voice for baseball – he's much more fit for a choir, hitting the lowest notes like a champ. - Anthony Bass

This ranger's very creative, but not very fast – he'd be better fit to direct a major superhero franchise than play baseball. - Nicklaus Snyder

Looking at the first letters of the first names of these players tells us why they don't like their baseball cards - they're a SOCCER FAN.

Author's Notes

One of the clues had to be changed the week before this hunt because one of the players got traded. Can you guess who?