Baker Hall
Kevin Zhou (Kaz)

For each "printer's devilry" clue, we first fill in the name of a CMU campus building to make a coherent sentence, moving around spaces if needed.

The description in brackets, e.g. [Highest floor number], clues a number. To do this we look at which floor the printers are on in the appropriate building. For example, the highest floor number of Tepper where there's a printer is 3. This website (doesn't include Morewood) and this (click on location to see the floor number) are references for the printer locations on campus.

Finally we use the number to index into each building name, and read off the letters in the given order to get the answer.

Filled in clueCMU buildingNumberExtract
Skrillex is famous for their dubstep performances.TEPPER3P
Some professors teach until five minutes after class is supposed to end.HUNT1H
Sycamore wood is timber from one of the largest, longest-living trees.MOREWOOD8D
If a girl accidentally made a spelling mistake, she could just press ctrl+Z to undo her typo.DOHERTY1D
Nixon was involved in the watergate scandal.GATES4E
The narrowest wingspan of a bird is just 6.5 cm, from hummingbirds.WESTWING8G
If a person in a multiplayer game has poor connection, their character may appear to teleport erratically.PORTER3R
Another word for a bandana-like garb: a kerchief.BAKER4E
Ewe and ram are both words for sheep.WEAN2E

Author's Notes

Originally, this was going to be a runaround puzzle for the Orientation Week hunt involving printers on campus. But I decided that would probably take too long for teams to solve.