Samuel Chen, Farid Khuri-Makdisi, Kasper Menezes, Robert Trosten

We begin by noticing that the previous three feeders were all reached by rolling two sixes across the Monopoly board on the main page. We also notice that all the feeder answers have double letters between A and F. This prompts us to turn them into double dice rolls. Starting from where we left off, as suggested by the flavortext, we advance through the board using the dice rolls that are embedded in the feeder answers (in order). Note that the Chance must be the one on the right side of the board, based on the titles of the previous puzzles. For example, we start by moving 3 squares through the board twice starting from Chance (because of the two Cs in the first feeder answer). We then land on Carnegie Community Chest and extract the letter R. Continuing this pattern yields the final answer:

Double Letter Total Dice Roll Landing Spot Extraction
CC 6 Carnegie Community Chest R
EE 10 Duquesne Light Company E
FF 12 Baker Hall A
EE 10 Tepper Quad D
DD 8 Carnegie Community Chest Y
EE 10 Duquesne Light Company S
DD 8 Free Parking E
CC 6 E-Tower T
BB 4 Go To Jail GO TO JAIL

Author's Notes

I knew I wanted to play with double letters, and I thought this played into the theme of trying to get a game of Monopoly over with.