Courtroom Conversations
Robert Trosten

We're tasked with finding out the names of the prisoners on our guestlist. All the prisoners are Ace Attorney characters! Listening to the conversations as was suggested, we're able to figure out who the people are! (The years given are there to limit the search space a bit for who the prisoners are - there are a lot of Ace Attorney characters!) Pun interpretations are in square brackets, if you want to guess them yourself!

The first inmate's got his business in the red and is white as a ghost - he's REDD WHITE. [red white] (first arrived to the series in 2001)

The second inmate's literally a corpse, so naturally he's a DEID MANN. [dead man] (first arrived to the series in 2009)

The third inmate's campaigning to the other prisoners, trying to influence their vote - he's a natural PAUL ATISHON. [politician] (first arrived to the series in 2016)

The fourth inmate thinks the officers against him should be DUSTIN PRINCE to get him freed, but alas, no dice. [dusting prints] (first arrived to the series in 2002)

The fifth inmate made a wrinkled expression when he got hurt; he WINSTON PAYNE. [winced in pain] (first arrived to the series in 2001)

The sixth inmate needs no introduction - when something smells, it's usually LARRY BUTZ. [hehe butz] (first arrived to the series in 2001)

The seventh inmate's acting very DEE VASQUEZ. [divaesque] (first arrived to the series in 2001)

The eighth inmate's the Rapper Fish who framed the killer whale - MARLON RIMES. [marlin rhymes] (first arrived to the series in 2013 - also, that's actually canon)

The ninth inmate's the all-star mega-athlete, a real JACQUES PORTSMAN. [jock sportsman] (first arrived to the series in 2009)

The tenth inmate has extremely strong WILL POWERS. [willpower] (first arrived to the series in 2001)

The extracted letters from the guests' names give exactly what you're trying to plan: a RENDEZVOUS.

Author's Notes

I didn't include many characters from Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice. This is not because I dislike the game, but because some of these names are too wild even for Ace Attorney pun standards. I mean, take a look at some of these:

I also didn't include any characters from The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles (DGS / DGS2). This is because I'm currently playing it, and you should too! It's really good.

anyway surprise this puzzle was not an ad but you should go play TGAAC as soon as possible :p