Make Your Own Fruit Salad
Summit Wei

This appears to be an interactive puzzle where you provide fruits and some judges critique your combinations, but there are some clues that there's something specific going on. Specifically, this is a puzzle about Pokemon. Some words that help clue this are "Emerald" and "three generations", along with the "elite" critics Sidney and Phoebe, who are part of the Elite Four in Hoenn (it should be possible to pass Sidney without too much trouble).
In Pokemon, there are berries, which have names based on real-life fruit names; for instance, the Cheri berry is named after a cherry. The names used are the ones that are most directly what the berry name is based off of; for instance, "Asian Pear" and "Western Pear" for Aspear and Wepear respectively, "Palm Tree" for Pamtre even though a palm tree isn't really the fruit, et cetera. We only use Berries 1-42 in Gen III (Enigma isn't named after a fruit, and we don't use e-Reader berries).
There are four judges that we need to pass:
Sidney deals with the basics. You must use exactly five fruits, with no duplicates, and all names must match the origins of a berry from Gen III.
Phoebe measures all five flavors. You must have exactly 10 spicy, 60 dry, 70 sweet, 10 bitter, and 90 sour points. If you miss any of these restrictions, Phoebe tells you how many points you are off, so you can reconstruct a combination of fruits that matches this next restriction.
Glacia requests for two specific fruits, clued with some real-world purpose they have. First, she requests a specific "darkly-colored fruit", which is a blackberry. Then, she requests a fruit "used in an atomic model", which is a plum (from the plum pudding model).
Drake requests two specific fruits, based on their in-Pokemon effects. He requests a fruit that would "cure intoxication", which is a Pecha berry (which cures poison). In addition, he requests a berry that lets one move faster upon getting injured in battle, which is a Salac berry. (Note: It seems like the Salac text cannot possibly appear, because the only way to get to this point requires the Salac to already be used.)
After using these four fruits, we need a single fruit that has 40 dry and 40 sour, which is an Apicot berry. Thus, the five fruits submitted are Blackberry, Plum, Peach, Salak, and Apricot.
Upon submitting this five-fruit combination, all four judges are satisfied, and Champion Steven tells you that the fruit salad contains five fruits from his favorite category, and that the answer to the puzzle has enumeration (5 5). All five of these are in the category of STONE FRUIT, so that is the answer to the puzzle.

Author's Notes

It's basically a tradition by now that I write a Pokemon puzzle for every Fall CMU hunt. The original idea for this puzzle was a lot more of a meme:

The fact that the final person you talk to is named Steven Stone was a complete accident! I didn't realize it until after I had already written the dialogue.