Ryan Judge

Right away we get a list of cryptic clues. Solutions to those, with further explanations later:

Then we look at the flavor text. The word swiftly should pop out, as should cryptic and Machiavellian. The latter is a lyric from a Taylor Swift song; both those clues should help us realize that all the cryptic clues lead to Taylor Swift songs. Also, the puzzle title, "Innocent", is another Taylor song. The blanks underneath each clue give enumerations for a certain line in each song's lyrics:

The extracted words from the lyrics spell out a final cryptic clue, with the enumeration of 10 given at the bottom of the puzzle: Finally something in real life shattered fire named empty lover (10). This clue solves to the final answer, GIRLFRIEND.

Author's Notes

This puzzle is for everyone who absolutely hated or absolutely loved my Minecraft puzzles. This time I chose Taylor Swift, who has absolutely never been seen in puzzles before! (/s)

Further cryptic explanations:

For the final clue, we solve it as such: "Finally something" means take the last letter of "something", so G. "In real life" is the written-out version of IRL, a common initialism, so that gives us IRL. "Shattered fire" means anagram "fire", which gives us the string FRIE. "Named empty" means take the first and last letter of "named", so N and D. "Lover" is our definition, which fits our answer of GIRLFRIEND.