Knot Duh Rite Whirred
Answer: COLIN
Summit Wei

The sentences in this puzzle look like gibberish, but by saying them out loud, they start to make sense. It turns out that this is a puzzle about homophones. The title is loosely homophonic to "Not the Right Word", and the flavortext is homophonic to "There's someone where two lines meet". We can then decipher each of the clues below, which seem like crossword clues:

These clues can be solved to yield AISLE, BIZARRE, CARET, LEASED, NO, PLANE, QUEUE, VILE, WAIL. We can now turn our attention to the grid, which looks like a word search.
However, these words all cannot be found in the word search. Instead, each of these words itself has a homophone which can be found in the word search, which we use. Based on the flavortext mentioning "where two lines meet", we keep track of where any two clue answers meet:

The intersection letters spell out CALL IN, but based on the flavor we know we're looking for a person. We perform one final homophone to obtain the answer, COLIN.