Getaway Hunt

04/25/20 01:00PM – 04/26/20 01:00PM EDT
Kickoff location is online

What are the puzzles like?

There are a huge variety of puzzle types, like wordplay, logic, or multimedia. For examples of the kinds of puzzles we'll give you, check out our Past Hunts.

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Sounds fun! How does my team win?

Each puzzle yields a word or phrase as a solution. Solving puzzles unlocks more puzzles, and so on. At the end there will be several meta-puzzles that combine answers from previous puzzles. Teams will be ranked by the order in which they solve the final puzzle, and the top teams (with at least one current CMU student) will receive prizes.

How do I register?

Register your team of six (or fewer if you want) here!

What do I need?

How difficult is this hunt?

We try to make our puzzles accessible to novice puzzlers, but fun for people of all experience levels. If you like DASH or Puzzled Pint, you'll probably like our hunt. Check out our Past Hunts to get a better idea.

Do I need to be on campus?

No! Every hunt, we have several off-campus teams participate. For Spring 2020, we expect that almost every team will be off-campus due to COVID-19, so we are eliminating physical on-campus puzzles entirely for this semester. Set up a Zoom chat with your team, open our website, and you should be good to go!

How long will it last?

The hunt is expected to take a team about 8 hours. However, for Spring 2020 we will leave puzzle submissions open for 24 hours to accomodate teams solving from anywhere. You may start solving whenever you want, but since we rank teams based the time they solve the final puzzle, you should probably start at 01:00PM if you want to have the best chance of getting prizes.

Will there be food?

Typically, we serve pizza, soda, and cookies to teams during our hunts. However, the Spring 2020 Hunt will be entirely online, with no food served.

Is there anything else I should know?

Wait, I have more questions!

Email the HALP?! LINE ( with "Puzzle Hunt" somewhere in the subject line.