Puzzlehunts we have run, listed in reverse chronological order back to 2007. (Playable back to 2015)

Prehistory Hunt (Spring '23)

Monopoly Hunt (Fall '22)

Orientation Week 2022 Hunt (Fall '22)

This Is Not a Puzzle Hunt (Spring '22)

Orientation Week 2021 Hunt (Fall '21)

Spam Hunt (Fall '21)

Pirate Hunt (Spring '21)

Oregon Trail Hunt (Fall '20)

Getaway Hunt (Spring '20)

Anomaly Hunt (Fall '19)

The Quest for the Dragon's Riches (Spring '19)

CS Hunt (Spring '19)

Time Travel Hunt (Fall '18)

Apocalypse Hunt (Spring '18)

Aperture Science Student Testing Initiative (Fall '17)

CarnivalHunt (Spring '17)

Harry Potter and The Hunt of Puzzles (Fall '16)

Puzzlehunt: The Musical! (Spring '16)

Adventure hunt (Fall '15)

Space Hunt (Spring '15)

Ornithology Hunt (Fall '14)

Zombie Apocalypse Hunt (Spring '14)

An Infinitely Improbable Puzzle Hunt (Fall '13)

Pirate Treasure Hunt (Spring '13)

Weather Machine Hunt (Fall '12)

The Great Library (Spring '12)

Babel Systems Hunt (Fall '11)

Jackson Detective Agency (Spring '11)

The Wizard's Elemental Tower (Spring '10)

Clone Hunt (Fall '09)

Time Travel Hunt (Spring '09)

Geller Hotel Psychic Convention (Fall '08)

(Pirates?) Hunt (Spring '08)

Carmen Sandiego Hunt (Fall '07)

Alice in Wonderland Hunt (Spring '07)