Our previous hunt:

The Quest for the Dragon's Riches
04/06/19 12:00PM - 08:30PM
Starts in DH 2210

Who are we?

We are PuzzlehuntCMU, a group of puzzle enthusiasts from Carnegie Mellon University. We work together to solve Puzzle Hunts such as the MIT mystery hunt, or any of the many tech company puzzlehunts (examples of such companies include Microsoft, APT and Palantir). We also write and host CMU's very own Puzzlehunt once a semester, with the goal of providing a fun-filled experience to as many members of the community as possible.

What is a Puzzlehunt?

Very simply put, it's a full-day event where people get together to solve carefully designed puzzles which somehow link together on a larger scale.
A puzzlehunt is typically characterized by its structure. In addition to several normal puzzles, each round has a meta-puzzle, which requires teams to have solved most of the normal puzzles to even unlock, and often requires solvers to incorporate answers from that round's normal puzzles to make sense of.
Our puzzlehunt's structure changes from semester to semester so as to provide new challenges for solvers.

Wait that sounds cool, can I participate?

Yeah, check out our current hunt page!

Wait, I have more questions!

Email the HALP?! LINE (puzzlehunt-staff@lists.andrew.cmu.edu) with "Puzzle Hunt" somewhere in the subject line.