Puzzlehunt CMU is proud to announce that we did not write a hunt this semester. Whatever happens on April 23rd is not a puzzle hunt.

Since this is not a puzzle hunt, there is no prepuzzle this year. And if there is no prepuzzle, there is no theme guess.

You can still register at https://tinyurl.com/noCMUpuzzle, but don't expect a puzzle hunt.
Do not solve puzzles with your friends! If you’re a current CMU student, you can win prizes if you register with your CMU email. You will not win prizes if you solve a puzzlehunt.
Kickoff Location:
Posner A35, although you can participate remotely!
Start Date/Time:
April 23rd, 10:30am EDT
End Date/Time:
April 24th, 3:00pm EDT
Maximum Team Size:
6 people
Questions or concerns? Contact puzzlehunt-staff@lists.andrew.cmu.edu.  Prizes sponsored by